The Night Season by Chelsea Cain

I’m not an expert on what makes a good writer,  I haven’t take a lot of literature courses.  I just like books that grab hold of you and drag you along for a great ride.   The Night Season is one of those books.   Chelsea Cain even makes rain fascinating.   

Days of unrelenting rain along with snow melt is putting Portland in danger of being flooded by the Willamette River which runs through the city. It’s a perfect camouflage  for  a serial killer who is poisoning people and dumping them in the river.  The police think the victims have drowned until Archie’s partner Henry is poisoned and left for dead – in the rain.   Archie, a Portland police detective,  well known to the press for an earlier case, tracks the serial killer in between sitting by Henry’s bedside in ICU and trying to keep his friend Susan out of trouble.

It’s difficult to describe all the twists and turns in this book without giving too much away.   The Night Season brings back Archie, Susan,  Henry and others from Cain’s first three books.  Gretchen, the sadistic serial killer of the first three books is barely in evidence, but I didn’t miss her.


Karen – Fort Mill                                               ISBN:  0312619766


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