The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The circus arrives without warming.  No signs announcing the circus is necessary.  It just appears in a town, open from dusk the dawn, and the people come to see the black and white circus  filled with magical things.  Started in 1885, the circus was the result of many months of work by five inventive people who brought the night circus to life.   But the circus was really just a stage for a long running competition between two extraordinary magicians.  Bonded from a young age the two magicians had no idea they would later fall in love and want to collaborate instead of compete, but it was too late and the rules forbid either of the two withdrawing from the competition.

There is no way to convey how fascinating and different this book is.  From the charming cover to the setting to the drifting back and forth in time to the magical glimpses into Le Cirque des Reves, I hope you will be as entranced by the book as I was.


Karen – Fort Mill                                                                                                      ISBN  9780385534635


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